How it works

Goat Green Cape Cod will come set up a 4-foot tall electric net fence  according to the the shape of the plot of land being treated. The fence must come full circle to complete the circuit for the electric current to flow, keeping the goats in and keeping potential predators out (coyotes, fisher cats, stray dogs). The electric fence produces a similar charge to a dog collar, which while unpleasant, will not injure people.

A small tent is set up within the fenced in area so that the goats have shelter from inclement weather. The only maintenance required of the property owner is to provide fresh water daily and a little grain and minerals that we leave on site for you.

Throughout their stay, the goats will eat anything green they can reach, generally in between 4-6 inches and 5-6 feet off the ground. What remains is the woody stalks that are a quarter inch diameter or larger. This weakens the nuisance plants and allows more desirable grasses, clovers, ferns, and mosses to fill in.