A Vegetation Management Solution

Effective. Green. Customizable. Improved Safety. Fun

GOat Green Cape Cod provides our community with the opportunity to manage invasive weeds and brush using one of mankind’s oldest animal companions. An alternative to herbicides, these ruminants will eat their way through meddlesome plants such as poison ivy and thorny brush, all while restoring a healthy ecosystem.

Our goats are voracious eaters and are a joy to work with. We help place the goats strategically on your property to help remove nuisance plants, such as poison ivy, autumn olive, bittersweet, and others.

We serve customers in every category: residential, commercial, conservation, schools, government, and more.

The goats have no trouble navigating rocky areas, areas with poison ivy, ledges, and steep inclines. This allows our clients to manage their property in a chemical-free, safe, and ecologically rewarding manner.